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Located in the Heart of Missouri

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Welcome to Fluffabulls, home of the FLUFFY FRENCHIES! We are proud to offer the finest AKC registered French Bulldogs available, both in standard and exotic colors! Frenchies offer a charming and clown like personality in a small package! Not to mention, the breed has an unique charm associated with their comical bat ears!  The breed makes an excellent family dog with an even temperament and playful personality!  We strive to raise our Frenchies to be able to not only go into any events offered, but also to be the loyal companions they are known to be!


All of our Frenchies are members of our family. Each one receives the love and care they deserve! We work hard to offer our babies the best nutrition, supplements, and grooming care available! We feed Nutrisource diets combined with NuVet supplements to provide a balanced nutrient source for our dogs!

We take what we do with our dogs very seriously. It's more than a hobby, it's a passion. We are devoted to provide the public with the perfect addition to their family, just as we were blessed with the many additions to ours!


We do have puppies available from time to time. Visit our available puppies page. If we do not have any available, you can leave your name and number and request to be on our waiting list.


Here at FLUFFABULLS, we are proud of each and everyone of our furbabies and are happy to send videos, pictures, and any other information you would like!  You are also welcome to video chat with us and your prospective family member! Due to increased risk of theft and disease, we do not allow visitors to our home! However, we are more than happy to meet in a public location with older, fully vaccinated puppies for you to meet, as well as video chat with younger pups! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, our Frenchies are our babies and their safety always comes first!

We are located in Missouri, with the capability to work with transport for any of our Frenchie puppies anywhere in the world! We are happy to work with any pet flight nanny or ground transport you have selected. Otherwise, we can arrange transport for you! Also, we can meet within reason depending on location and availability! It is our goal to make it as easy and safe as possible for your new family member to reach their new home!


We love to hear all of the puppy stories and  to see all of the photos that we receive daily. Many of the people who have purchased a Frenchie from us have become great friends, and many have came back for a second or third furbaby, or referred their friends and family to us! We are blessed to share our life and our family with them. We hope to be able to help you start your own Frenchie story, or to add another chapter to your existing one!


Deposit is a non-refundable $2000.00 for puppies up to $10,000

$3,000 for all other puppies

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Thanks for submitting!

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