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Get Your New Puppy Today! Pay Later With Puppy Financing.

We realize that buying the puppy of your dreams can be overwhelming. So we like to make it as simple as possible to bring your new baby home!  You can get a loan for your FLUFFABULLS of your dreams. We hope this will help you make your puppy dreams come true.


How Does it Work?

View the different financing options below, choose the ones the best fit your needs and submit your application. Once you are done submitting the application, within an hour you will get an email indicating if you have been approved and the loan amount. If you did not receive an email it means the application was not submitted properly. Once your application is approved you will receive another email to complete your finance process. As soon as the entire financing process is over, you can receive your fluffy or fluff carrier frenchie puppy.

Shipping cost can be added to the loan.

If you did not get approve with one company or did not get enough credit you can always apply with the other one too and use both loans to pay for your puppy.

Terrace Finance

The ability to take home the products you want and pay for them with comfortable installment payments through their signature Installment Lease service. Below are the basic requirements:

  • Been with current employer for 1 year

  • No application fee

  • Minimum monthly net income of $1,000

  • Financing from $200 to $15,000

  • Have a checking account for a minimum of 3 month



Lending USA

  • Very good approval rates 

  • Up to $20,000 loan

  • No down payment required

  • First payment due only after 30 days

  • No interest if paid in full within 6 months

  • No pre-payment penalty

  • No in-store presence required



FLUFFABULLS is not part of Lending USA AND/OR Terrace Finance, but offering their financing services to qualified applicants. FLUFFABULLS is not responsible for declined applications or for applications that do not meet the financing qualifications of Lending USA AND/OR Terrace Finance, Please contact Lending USA AND/OR Terrace Financing directly with any questions regarding financing

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